the cloth

It is human nature to question if the paths we have taken in life,

the choices we have made,

the gifts we have shared

are pleasing to God.

Does it come from the “Will of the Father?”


the desire of our own making?

There is one way, I have found, to rest in God’s presence in these moments of discernment.

It is a simple & quiet

Peace of Heart

which allows me the assurance that

my God IS speaking.

Is this an easy thing to discern?


Trust me – my logic rethinks it often; yet, if it is from Him –

He always leads me back to Peace.

It is there that I find rest,

it is then that I am comforted,

it is at last…

a trust that goes beyond knowing.

(Can there be any greater peace than that?)

Today I am re-blogging a story I wrote & posted several years ago; which depicts the surprising ways in which our Father can reveal to us whatever He may be needing us to do – as an important participation to His Master-Plan.  

And I pray we may find one another

– in the midst of His Caravan of Followers

beside the Master, together.


click here to read The Cloth

4 thoughts on “the cloth

  1. Such an important lesson to learn from your words. It creates a more complete perspective of SELF and one’s relationship with God. As humans, it is our natural path to question and challenge beliefs, however, this process can be done so in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner that solidifies one’s relationship with his or her spiritual self. As you say, it can help the individual find PEACE and HARMONY in a life filled with chaos caused by a variety of distractions.

    Hoping you and your family had a joyous Easter holiday!

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