He Came!  I saw! He went.

The Erie Diocese Adult Pilgrims
The Erie Diocese Adult Pilgrims
Our Pilgrims on their way!
Our Pilgrims on their way!
On the road toward Philly!
On the road toward Philly!

We came as pilgrims to see our Holy Father.

And just like the 5,000 who followed You, O Lord, in the desert…we came with dirty, dusty feet; tight muscles & tired shoulders; parched mouths & grumbling stomaches; to be united with all those around us by the Vicar of Christ, Holy Father Pope Francis.

My New Mexico Friends!
My Mexican Friends!
Pope fans! (Us & the paper ones!)
Pope fans! (Us & the paper ones!)
Sr. Shashi from India
Sr. Shashai from India
A new friend from Kenya!
A new friend from Kenya!
Friends made outside of St. John's!
Friends made outside of St. John’s!

Would we crowd together with this many for a concert?

Probably not.

Would we walk as many steps and wait so patiently for hours for a sporting event?


Would we do this all over again in a heart beat for You?


And we know 1.5 million people would say “Absolutely!” too.

hugs n’ blessings to all of you who were there that day, dusty feet & all!

(A day which has been reported to have been the largest single event in the history of the United States of America!)

The Saturday Papa Arrives!
The Saturday Papa Arrives!
Sunday's drive to Mass!
Sunday’s drive to Mass!
That smile!
A Holy Blessing!

8 thoughts on “He Came!  I saw! He went.

    1. I hope I am more blessed than lucky, lol, but I know what you mean! I am sooooo grateful to have been there; however, that was one of the biggest realities I walked away from: our faith in a God who loves us unconditionally is transcendent!! Our Holy Father is the representative of that, as Christs’ Vicar but we ALL must carry out God’s Mission….which is: LOVE! Pope Francis speaks of nothing else, shows us nothings else, seeks from each of us…nothing else. How easy it is to give and how easy it is to with-hold. EVERYday we must ask ourselves…what will I chose to do? I pray you will be a giver of love….and that you receive much more in return!! Hugs & Blessings my friend!!


    1. All glory, honor, and praise to Him! Very grateful to have been given the opportunity to be there and hopefully to have Served Him well. Let’s do it again in 3 years…after-all, St. Patrick is the patron Saint of our Erie Diocese! Hugs my friend!


    1. Yippee! I’ve been gobbling up more of your stuff this morning! I’ve been giggling and thinking about bears chasing Harley’s as a result! Thanks for the follow & I hope-ity-hope we will keep bumping into each other! Hugs!,


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