it’s that time,

to turn back our clocks!

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Daylight-savings strikes this weekend in our Northeastern part of the country, as we slide our clocks back an hour Sunday at 2AM. However, here at hugs n’ blessings I’m sliding the publishing calendar back an ENTIRE Day to…


The blogging world has opened up many opportunities for me to meet exciting people, travel to places right in the comfort of my home, cook recipes I may have never known, explore thoughts that expand my mind & my heart, and connect with like minded people who share my faith, my humor, and support me in my goal of reaching Heaven!

There are many many I hope to give thanks for but I give 3hugs&blessings for these three today:

Maria Velazco at Silence Speaks I could list many of the articles she has written that I have enjoyed; however, her article Forgiving and Black Sheep are two of my favorites because they are so personal & life-giving!

Vincent Egoro at Live Your Greatest Life.  I love everything Vincent writes!

One of his most recent met me at my heart’s center

The Secret to Real Strength.

Vibrant at blabberwockying! is my most eclectic-read.  His writings have exposed me to many different things and even though we have very little in common our love of “heart-matters” unites us in many ways!  Again, I could high-light a number of his writings to share with you but here is just one of my favorites Don’t Worry Too Much About Critics!  I am sure you will find many more you too will enjoy at his site!

I hope you will check their sites out soon, so that you may find a hug n’ a blessing there too!!

hugs n’ blessings as we move toward November…

when I will be joining in the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month.)

All month during November I will be giving THANKS, not just on ‘Thanksgiving Day’, but EVERYday!


And I pray something along the way will inspire THANKS within you!

Bearing my Blessings out to dry!

Hip-Hip-Hooray, it is 3hugs&blessings Thursday!!

And although I’ve been neglectful to share…the blessings have continued to hang-out with me and be there!

My recent blessings:

  1. The Saints God sent me this week to guard & guide me. Most especially St. Pontian (for his understanding heart,) and St. Hippolytus (for his loving obedience.)
  2. The ridiculously-fun-real-life-relationships I have with my 3 adult children and how we have all stuck together these past 2 years, despite the messiness of life!🙈  They fulfill me, challenge me & bring me closer to God every day in various ways! No matter how exhausted I may become there is always energy to laugh together!🙉 #ohhowilovethem #notmymonkeysnotmycircus🙊
  3. The new friends I made during our pilgrimage to see our Papa, Pope Francis, in Philadelphia, Pa!  This includes ‘The Mexicans’ (and all those I met from all over the World!)

I  do pray pardon for bear-ly keeping up with this challenge & invite you, once again,  to forage your thoughts before hibernating tonight and give thanks for your 3hugs&blessings this day/week too!

Let’s all keep spreading happiness with 3hugs&blessings at a time!


(And may this not be to awfully botherly-bother for you to do!)oh-bother

I can bearly wait to count my blessings for the week ahead! (Think. Think. Think.)

These 3hugs&blessings are for you, as I’m praying you’ll count your blessings too!!

“In the world you will have trouble but take courage I have conquered the world!!!!”

John 16:33