my beloved…

“Take all my loves, my love, yea take them all…”

William Shakespeare, Sonnet XL

“There Shakespeare, on whose forehead climb

The crowns o’ the world: O eyes sublime

With tears and laughter for all time!”

Elizabeth Barrett browning, 19th Century English Poet

For all time, indeed!

More than four centuries after they were written, William Shakespeare’s works are still as revered and beloved as ever.

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whispering secrets…

If I told you a secret – 
would you promise not to laugh? 
It’s a place of fairytales 
made up only in my dreams. 

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It’s fall!

And there are so many wonderful things to do to enjoy the splendor of the Season!

Maybe you’ve done some apple picking or bought some apple cider and cider donuts from your favorite orchard. 

We visited our local Farmer’s Market who supplied us with some of the area’s best MacIntosh Apples.

Then the fun continued back at home

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