toasted oats

it’s the monday giggles…

If you wait long enough to cook dinner…

everyone will eat cereal.

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hugs n’ blessings for all those sharing laughter around the kitchen table!


it’s the monday giggles…

New Year’s resolutions abound.

Less of this!

More of that!

Here’s what I’ve decided upon…

hugs n’ blessings for less running-around and more laughing!

do you hear what I hear?

It’s been a month of tripping over pumpkin patches,

festive birthday cake mornings,

sleep over bed-expansions,

retreat making, picture taking, plentiful baking,



(With lots of in between.)

I am sorry I could not take you along as each unfolded, but I would be teary not to share these blessings with you (now) too!

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