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I loved him before we even met.


I prayed for him without knowing his name.




And because I loved HIM I trusted He would grant what I prayed for.


A holy man to share my life with.




So, yet another year I give thanks for answered prayers.


And for the life we share together.




A wonderful life.


Not a perfect one.


For which I’m grateful.


 Joy and sorrow…all of which has been divided and portioned out between us to carry equally.  And when we are weak the other unselfishly carries an extra load.


We gathered together today around His altar, humbled to call Him friend and companion, in the cord which binds the three of us together in this Sacramental Union.

“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12




A wonderful life.


Not a perfect one.


For which I’m grateful.


For 31 years we have gone to Mass on this day, together.

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marriage is a relationship

A verily

Happy Anniversary

to our lovely daughter


wonderful son-in-law!

May your Anniversary

be a special day…

And may it be filled with sweet memories of Continue reading “marriage is a relationship”

Grammie had a squeeze-box!


We are quickly approaching the one year anniversary of our darlin’ daughter & son-in-law’s wedding, which occurred in the merry month of May!

So don’t be surprised if I start revisiting some of those memories made 362 days ago!

(I promise not to be offended if you skippity-skip over the sappiness.)

But I won’t apologize for the sappy, either!


Because…there was just so much love!!!

So much joy!!!

And at a time we were so eager to receive it.


Their love restored hope in our small unit.

Which added a balm of healing our God knew, we needed. Continue reading “Grammie had a squeeze-box!”