what are you learning?

What others did…

what are you learning from them?

What will the next generation be inspired to do?

What will we learn, then?

hugs n’ blessings to ALL the Veterans yesterday, today…and for ALL the tomorrows.

every waving flag.

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Patriotism means

to stand by

the Country.

It does not mean

to stand by the


or any other

public official.

Theodore Roosevelt. Continue reading “every waving flag.”

happy birthday ‘merica!

it’s the monday giggles…AND it’s independence day!!!!


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“I Am An American!”

I am an American.

That’s the way most of us put it, just matter of factly.

They are plain words, those four.

You could write them on your thumbnail,

or you could sweep them clear across a bright autumn sky.

But remember too that they are more than words.

They are a way of life.

So whenever you speak them, speak them firmly;

speak them proudly; speak them gratefully.

I am an American.

(author unknown)

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hugs n’ blessings to everyone wearing the red, white and blue today!!

Father in Heaven,

We, the people, in the

land of the free and

the home of the brave,

desperately need You.

Oh that we would leave our ways

of seeking to be blessed

and instead seek to bless others.

We beg for Your guidance and wisdom

for our leaders.

We ask You to protect our land

from enemies, both within and without.

And we praise you for the freedom

we have through the blood of Your Son.

May Your plan be the desire of our nation.


Author: rachel wojo