If you were to Google the word “snow” (especially today) you would find our city in the drop down toolbar.

CNN, CBS, NBC, The Weather Channel – they’re all currently here reporting.

The New York Times, Huffington Post, Newsweek and Times are all writing about us.

And the National Guard arrived last night.

Snow in Erie, Pa

The snow began falling around 11 am on Saturday, December 23 with just enough powder to have fun in!

Snowman building, sled-riding, snow fort constructing, snow shoeing, and snow ball throwing – so many fun things to do in the snow!


But then the storm hit, which  has dumped about 60.5 inches of snow on our area from about 7 p.m. Christmas Eve, when it began, to about 8 p.m. on Tuesday.  About 63 inches has fallen since Saturday, the weather service said — with no plans to stop accumulating for the next seven days!

Tom Niziol, a winter weather expert at The Weather Channel, said the tally could approach 70 inches by Wednesday night before the storm tapers off. The snow is part of what he called a “lake-effect snowstorm.” Such storms occur when very cold air comes over the relatively warm waters of the Great Lakes, he said. Heat and moisture then rise into the cold air to produce snow; the direction of the wind determines where the snow falls.

In this case, he said, the narrow snow band parked itself over Erie, Pa. — about 100 miles northeast of Cleveland.

“It’s like sticking one end of a giant fire hose into Lake Erie and pointing the other end at Erie, Pa. — and leaving it there for 30 hours,” Mr. Niziol said.

With our proximity to the Great Lakes we are use to the snow here in Erie, Pa.

But not since 1956 have we experienced something the likes of this!

This has been the highest two-day snowfall total in the entire state of Pennsylvania blanketing us in more than five feet of snow (with more on the way,) and we are shattering snowfall records left & right.

Poor Frosty is up to his nose in snow!

When you live in the snow-belt region you expect these sudden storms; however, it doesn’t mean you ever become accustomed to the havoc they can create – especially surrounding a holiday.  And I am certain there have been many Christmas travelers & visitors who have been disappointed they had to adjust their plans.  The Erie International Airport, Greyhound, and Amtrak have all been affected. The local mall and movie theatre have also been closed.  And I’ve not seen our mail-carrier in several days.  We are in a State of Emergency.  But calling to mind an article I read by Callie Martinez, I love the idea of the snow becoming a symbol and reminder of God’s character and power.

Image 12-27-17 at 2.02 PM

Yes, we can use scripture to help us embrace the snow!

God is incredibly creative!

There are things about God that people cannot see — His eternal power and all the things that make Him God. But since the beginning of the world those things have been easy to understand. They are made clear by what God has made. — Romans 1:20a

Did you know that in a snowstorm that produces about 5 inches of snow over 2000 square miles will contain 5 quintillion snowflakes? Even though there is some question about whether there are really no two snowflakes alike, there are too many possible snowflake formations to count. God’s creativity can be seen throughout creation, but when you think of the incredible detail and diversity of snowflakes, you realize just how limitless His creative power really is! And if He cares enough to create so many different varieties of something so tiny and temporary as a snowflake, how much more must He care about His children.


Jesus makes us white as snow!

Your sins are red like deep red cloth. But they can be as white as snow. — Isaiah 1:18

In the early winter, after the colors of Autumn have faded and before the snowy season hits, things are rather ugly, to put it bluntly. Everything is varying shades of brown, the grass is dead, and nothing looks appealing. Then it snows, and suddenly the dead landscape turns into something clean and beautiful.

Snowy days are reminders that this is what God does to our hearts when we believe in Jesus.

What was dead and ugly, full of sin, is now washed clean and bright through the blood of Jesus. He doesn’t just cover over the sin and ugliness, but goes a step further and removes our sins, transforming us into something completely new. What the snow does for the outdoors is a reflection of God’s transforming power, not just for landscapes, but for our hearts and lives when we put our trust in Him.

Snow always accomplishes God’s purpose, just like His Word!

Rain and snow fall from the sky. They don’t return without watering the ground… The words I say do the same thing. They will not return to me empty. They make the things happen that I want to happen. They succeed in doing what I send them to do. — Isaiah 55:10a-11

We tend to have long winters in Erie, and there is always a shift in how people view snow after Winter has begun. Some tire from the snow more quickly than others!!


What was exciting, fresh, and festive is suddenly dreary and cold, and people start wishing for the thaw. But even when we wish the snow would go away, without those spring snows that seem to never end, we wouldn’t have our beautiful green summers. The purpose of snow is to water the ground so that our warmer months can come with new growth and blooms. The Bible specifically compares rain (and snow) to God’s Word. Just like the moisture isn’t for nothing, God’s Word always accomplishes God’s purposes and helps us to grow.


So for now I shall blanket myself in His word, basking in the warmth it will bring me as I watch the snow continue to beautifully fall outside – knowing that Spring lies just around the corner of another year getting ready to begin.


hugs n’ blessings to you, as you are reminded of God’s character and power in your own life this winter season!

12 thoughts on “Snow-cember.

  1. Just bought my first snow shovel here in North Carolina. Sounds like I should ship it to you to help with some snow reallocation. In most cases 24 hours or “wait time” in my area of NC gets rid of the “accumulation.” Sounds like you might need to extend that timeframe a bit!

    SAFELY, enjoy nature at it best. 😀


    1. I think we received enough snow for not only THIS Christmas but also NEXT’s, giggles!! If that’s indeed the case, there’s a LONGgggg wait time in store for its dissipation! Enjoy your shovel and let the snow-shoeing commence! Hugs for being will to “share” your new toy with us!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Since I have lived through both the 1956 blizzard and now this one, I can attest that ” this too shall pass! ” Looking at the positive, it is beautiful, peaceful and very serene. Instead of shoveling tons of snow (which I’m sure many sore muscles can attest to), we could be ridding our homes from the mold and stench of a hurricane and flood, or having to lose precious memorabilia and rebuild our homes from a wildfire. I will take this alternative, as annoying as it can be. This kind of phenomenon has forced us to sit back, take a breath and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the snow, and thank God we live where we live. THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE ERIE, OUR HOME SWEET HOME!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the wonderful perspective! (And boy, you’re old!!! Giggles. It truly must be fun to compare the two, Mom!) Indeed a lot of tragedy in the world requiring much prayer and reflection. No matter where we may reside may we feel the blessings surrounding us!! 💕


  3. Snow pictures always look beautiful to me. I saw snow for the first time in my life when I was 30. Can’t believe how much fun children and even animals appear to be enjoying the season. Yes, much tragedy in the world and much man produced chaos as well. Hope you all indeed can enjoy the blessings of your lives in their many facets. Peace and Grace to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As the snow CONTINUES to fall we try daily to find the joy in the white-fluffiness we are blanketed in. Today shall be a snow-shoe day, hopefully brightening our spirits as we trudge through the area in search of the white-wonder surrounding us!! Hugs !!!


    1. Indeed Helen adds a beautiful dimension to most EVERYthing in our little corner of the Northwestern part of PA! And she was totally NOT impressed by the amount of snow drug into the garage by the underside of the car that day. She loves the snow and has decided snow-shoeing is her favorite activity to do with us. Unfortunately, her paws do not agree & they require her to head inside even though she may not wish to do so!


  4. Helen was definitely perplexed why so much snow had been drug into the garage, as this is not an item she would expect to see indoors, giggles!! She is LOVING the snow, however and is incesantly at the door asking to go out to play!! Only from exhaustion does she stay curled up inside, warm in her doggie-bed! Let’s hope she rests up as there is more snow on the way!! YIKES!! Hugs n’ blessings!!


    1. And the very same blessings are extended to you and yours in 2018! The snow continues to fall…but the slowing down of our community only helps to strengthen our dedication & commitment toward ‘helping thy neighbor.’ How blessed are we in this tiny space of the Northeast, to have this opportunity to do so! Hugs for your prayers and encouragement!

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