when all roads eventually lead to pierogies…

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes.

And when they come from the heart – well…

THAT’s just an extra-special blessing indeed!

This past Christmas Season my cousin blessed me with one such gift.

One of THE most surprising & wonderful gifts I could have hoped to receive!


Homemade pierogies!!

And lucky me, with the onset of Winter Storm Elliot whipping across our North Eastern part of the Country, accompanied by the”shelter in place” advisory – it became the perfect opportunity to stay snuggled inside and enjoy this very thoughtful treat with my Cuppycake!

Trust me!

BOTH of our hearts were filled to the rim as we devoured their warm deliciousness.

It was no wonder then, when fellow blogger Stacy @ WTF? (Where’s the faith?) launched her more recent post, that it immediately grabbed my attention!

My Pierogi Trail Wish to you in the New Year

I’ve often said and do truly believe – the gifts we receive which are often times the most impactful are the ones given from the heart!

And Stacy always writes from the heart!

I do hope you will spend some time reading Stacy’s post. Simply click on the link above! Or the embedded article is below. Either way I do know you will enjoy her site and if you would, please kindly let her know you stopped by. I promise it will warm both your hearts when you do!

hugs n’ blessings for all the heartfelt things we share with one another!

SAINT of the Year 2023

Drum roll, please!


Saint of the Year

to watch over, guard and guide (me)

shall be…..

hugs n’ blessings for all the wonderful ways I shall learn from this holy one, while I am entrusted under his care!

*To chose your own Saint of the Year please click on the link Jen Fulwiler’s Saint’s Name Generator!

all that is mine is yours…

It’s that time of year again!

Just as in previous years, as the time has drawn near, I’ve become excitedly anxious awaiting

the eagerly anticipated moment of the deliverance of these two special things!

“Of what?” you might ask.

Well, of the Word of the Year and the Saint of the Year – of course!


For more years than I can remember I have followed the practice of generating both A Word of the Year and a Saint of the Year which I pay particular attention to for 365 days!

*Several posts about this practice are littered throughout my bloggity-blog site, but you can click on the two links above to quickly reference two!

The very special part, for me, of partaking in this practice, are the very unique and sometimes necessary or needed ways these two items “show-up” in my life throughout the course of the year.

And I just know, given the two which have been provided to me for this year, that

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