my heart thanks god for you

If you ever wondered if I notice the little things you do, the multitude of everyday ways you show your love and commitment to our sweet family, I do.

I don’t say, ‘thank you,’ for all of them often enough, though – but they do get filed away in the ‘more reasons to love that man’ file that’s overflowing its space in my heart.

Today, however, I want you to hear it from me…from my heart

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on…the way

“They are things I whisper in your ear

– confiding them –

as a friend, as a brother, as a father…

so that some thought will arise and strike you;

and so you will better your life

and set out along ways of

prayer and of Love.”

As written by, Msgr. Josemaria Escriva

As I mentioned a few days ago

God led me down the garden path of “growth” recently.

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budding sleuths

Here’s to all the (unsung) heroes at our thanksgiving banquets…

the brave taste-tester(s)!

No matter hesitant or eager

we the cooks & the bakers are so verily


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