In the end, we won’t remember the most beautiful face and body.

We’ll remember the most beautiful heart and soul.

An elderly man hurried to his 8:00 am doctor appointment, he wanted to finish quickly so he could get to another appointment. The doctor asked what it was and he proudly said that every morning at 9:00 am at the hospital he had breakfast with his wife. The doctor asked what her condition was and he replied that for 5 years she has had Alzheimer’s and hasn’t known who he is. The doctor asked why he continues if she has no idea who he is and the old man replied “because I still know who she is.”

Author Unknown

I want to hold your hand at 90 and say,

“We made it!”

hugs n’ blessings to all those who already know.

let it rain

For the past several years Cuppycake and I have been blessed to spend time, during winter, in one of our favorite locations – Scottsdale, Arizona.

This year has been unlike others in that we noticed straight away how incredibly green the desert mountains are due to the unusual amount of rain they’ve received.

Because of this the locals are all abuzz over the high probability that this will trigger what is known as a SUPER BLOOM season!

And they anticipate this may be triggered any week now!!

It’s wildflower season and conditions this year may be just right to bring “super blooms” to life in parts of California and the southwestern USA.

Super blooms are a relatively rare floral phenomenon, even in places renowned for vibrant native wildflowers. As an example the last spectacular super bloom displays recorded in Death Valley were in 2016, 2005, and 1998.

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(super) wife

it’s the monday giggles…

The next time your wife gets angry,

drape a towel or a shirt over her shoulders

(like a cape)

and say,

“now you’re SUPER ANGRY!”

Maybe she’ll laugh.

Maybe you’ll die.

hugs n’ blessings for surprise endings.