the best sport is a “good-sport!”

Photo from Pinterest.


(I know.  I know. I know that look.)



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personal best, (is he!)







Uncle Bucky,

Uncle Dan.


(personal best,)


(only me,)



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chewin’ on bread together!

My reblog for today will have a slightly different appearance because this particular blog comes from a different hosting-site but I wanted to expose her to you because I know you will absolutely LOVE her darling site!

The name of this site is New Beginnings, Loving & Living Life after Retirement & is written by Karen, who is a fun-spirited woman enjoying retired life to its fullest!  Her side-kick-retired-too-husband is an adorable added dimension to several  of her posts!

I am sure, if you are anything like me, you will enjoy reading & visually partaking in all the many activities and explorations she shares with her reader!  And as she invites you into her personal space and expeditions during this new Chapter of Life she is embracing you will naturally expect to be sat down in a chair, with a slice of zucchini bread to share, as you spend the time chewing away together!!

Here’s one of my recent favorites you will find: