waters rising


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September 13 is the feast day (in the Roman Catholic Church) of Saint John Chrysostom, bishop and Doctor of the Church. An Early Church Father best known for his preaching and public speaking, Saint John was given the name Chrysostomos, meaning “golden mouthed,” after death.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

What set him apart from others in his time period was his ability to apply scripture to everyday circumstances, teaching people how to incorporate the Gospel in all that they did.

Today, as Hurricane Florence comes barreling down on our Carolina States, I find a homily by Saint John somewhat timely…

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“The waters have risen and severe storms are upon us, but we do not fear drowning, for we stand firmly upon a rock.  Let the sea rage, it cannot break the rock.  Let the waves rise, they cannot sink the boat of Jesus.  What are we to fear?  Death?  Life to me means Christ, and death is gain.  Exile?  The earth and its fullness belong to the Lord.  The confiscation of our goods?  We brought nothing into this world, and we shall surely take nothing from it.  …I concentrate therefore on the present situation, and I urge you, my friends, to have confidence. …Let the world be in upheaval.  I hold to this promise and read his message; that is my protecting wall and garrison.  What message? “Know that I am with you always, until the end of the world!””  

St. John Chrysostom

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His practical sensibility has given his words an enduring quality, inspiring men and women across the world more than thousands of years after his death.


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One of my personal favorites…


hugs n’ blessings as you find your own message from the Lord today; perhaps  through those ‘golden-mouths’ surrounding  you!

3 thoughts on “waters rising

  1. A timely and relevant blog as the world looks at this powerful storm barrelling towards your coast. On the solid ROCK of Christ we must STAND. It is our sure and certain HOPE for eternity. He lived and died and rose from death so we can be ‘free’ of the shackles of mortality. This is my prayer and HOPE for comfort for all who are facing this trauma. From across the seas prayer is winging. May all comfort, aid, care, and Hope for better abound to those affected. a-men.


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