merry and bright

I’m sitting here looking at a magazine that is already saturated with Christmas festive-ness.

Mind you Halloween has not yet even arrived….

Surprisingly, and unlike previous years, I’m not overly bothered by the pre-emptive marketing schemes.

I think it’s because today, for me, feels a bit like Christmas morning!

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sing second!

Our son celebrating a sing-second moment.

“Singing second”

is perhaps the most prized moment in the football career of a player

at one of the service academies.


The tradition after games between the Military Academies is for the “Alma Mater” of both teams to be performed by the respective school bands with the teams standing together at attention. The anthem of the losing team is performed first, then the anthem of the winning team is performed second. Continue reading “sing second!”

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Heidi-ho! It has been awhile since I’ve done a re-blog Saturday and it has not been because I haven’t experienced a plethora of great reading! There have been so many posts I have been eager to include in my cyber-space-say-I place…for my own benefit of re-reading and to share in this safe-place for any others who might stumble upon such words they are in need of.

Today, I have re-blogged (below) a great little-ditty from I am V.

If you read something that tugs at your heart I do pray you hold on tight to what you hear, re-read when necessary, and apply when called upon to do so!

Wouldn’t but life be a little brighter if we did?

I say, “Let there be light…”

hugs n’ blessings to what you will hear in the silence of your heart!

Music:  Jacob’s Song by Brother Isaiah

Brother Isaiah is a member of the Fransican Friars of the Renewal in New York City and you can purchase his music to help the Friars fund ‘the good works’ that they do either on itunes, amazon, and more!

I am V.

I know it’s been a while since I last blogged, but lately I have been inclined to share a lesson that I had to relearn recently. Whatever you allow to consume your thoughts will soon manifest into reality. Therefore, watch your thoughts for they will become your words. Mind your words for they will become your actions and your actions will be your habits. I know this! At least I thought I did.


I preached it day in and day out to my friends, but here I was, not even following my own advice. Not following what I read and studied in books. I am here now holding myself accountable and sharing my experience. Recently, a situation came up where I allowed a negative thought to manifest. I began to act in them (only for a short while- which was still too long) I pushed my negative thoughts and insecurity…

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