bigger than four!

Jesus listens when you pray!

He hears each & every word you say.

That’s how we know

He is with you –

as you reach five years old today!


Lots more giggles we’ll be adding to another year of celebrating Y-O-U!

Oma sends kisses,

Gompy sends hugs,

both of us send… five big years of love!

hugs n’ blessings grand-daughter, dear!

10 thoughts on “bigger than four!

    1. Thank you, Faye! I am so proud of you with all the wonderful things you are embracing in the technological realm, giggles! Hang in there it does get easier….and less frightening!


  1. It is me again. was interrupted by some update to my new system so I could really listen and appreciate your beautiful video. I thank God for you and your family., You are a blessing in my blogging journey of life.Matua O Terangi (a south sea Island Blessing over you ALL.


    1. How blessed am I to hear from you twice in one post! And it is an honor to receive your blessing upon us – by God’s grace may it be returned to you & yours, as well.


    1. Thank you, Jill! We merely blinked and went from transporting our own wee-little five year olds to kindergarten together – to celebrating our children’s children! Oh, how fast the years march by! Hugs to you for sharing so many of them with me!!


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