the interview (of everything)

I love God.

I love EVERYTHING about Him.

I seek to know Him.

To love Him.

And to serve Him.

I desire to put Him before EVERYTHING.

I believe in One Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church.

I believe in its Doctrine.

I follow its Catechism.

All of it.


Do I fail to do this, perfectly?


Do I chose to bend His commands, even just a little?

N – O. NO.

(*But should I do so, unintentionally, I confess & repent with all my heart. ❤️)

Do I love others who willingly do?


Does their decision to do so hurt me?



Because I ache for them to be holy, not just happy.

Does it also hurt God?

Beyond measure.


Because He gave up EVERYTHING, so that they could be.

Does God abandon those who hurt Him?


Should I?

I can’t.

Because I love God too much.

God tells me that I cannot love Him and accept Him unless I love and accept the people He loves. And He loves a lot of people that I may think He shouldn’t love.

He loves sinners, (just look at me)!

He loves losers, (still me).

I would like to love God without accepting His entire family.

Part of his family I love living with…but the other part (admittedly,) I sometimes don’t want to.

God tells me that I can’t have it that way.

Unless I love and care about even the very least – I do not love and care about Him.

In the Gospels, people tried to separate Jesus from his friends and followers, and tried to make friends with Jesus – without accepting those around Him.

Jesus would never let them do it.

The apostles were always His men.

Yes, they embarrassed Him.

Yes, they often said foolish things.

Yes, they failed to (fully) understand & follow His teachings.

They were sometimes even sloppy and rude.

But Jesus never stepped back from them.

He never crossed a line saying, that those “Were not really His men.”

Jesus was criticized more for the people he hung around with – than for Himself.

All those “sinners” who surrounded Him.

Yet, He never turned to the Pharisees and apologized for those people.

He simply said that, “These are my people, and if you cannot accept them, you can’t accept me.

And this is what He says to me, too.


So, I pray that by my listening.

And through His teaching.

THIS type of love.

HIS love.

Will assuredly lead them each, to holiness.

(By God’s grace, may it always be so for me too.)


hugs n’ blessings always, for everything.

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2

“My greatest desire is to be in Heaven one day. And to have all those I love there with me.” Oma

12 thoughts on “the interview (of everything)

  1. Thank you. All we can ever do is LOVE and point the way to the CROSS.One sacrifice for all who believe. Then a lifetime or a few minutes or a few days for God the Holy Spirit to sanctify and make them holy to come into His Holy Presence.Only the thief on the Cross was promised his eternity by the Saviour Himself. For the rest of us He has said.Follow ME. All we can ever do is make certain that we ourselves live in THE way of the CROSS and say with LOVE to all, JESUS is the WAY

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    1. I couldn’t have said it any better, Faye! It can be so painful to watch someone you love make choices contrary to God’s teaching – but I’ve learned the hard way – it’s not for me to judge. It’s up to me to pray. And for Jesus to Save. As you so eloquently wrote He is THE Way, THE Truth, THE Life. The best I can do is continue to walk His path and point toward Him. I know I have been misjudged for associating with those who do not follow His commands explicitly….which hurts as well. But I try to follow Jesus’ example, as best I can, and He DID NOT DEPART from those who questioned His teachings. THEY walked away…not Jesus. He remained with Judas until His final day, when Judas departed & betrayed Him. Oh, how I pray for others, especially those I love, to be more like the prodigal son than this. 💕 And I hold GREAT hope that they will. But until then, I continue to pray. 💕. Thanks for being such a wonderful encourager & companion on this path of great Love! Many hugs to you……💕


    1. Aren’t you the sweetest! But I’m sure my adversaries would disagree with you! Giggles.
      Truly I fall many times, just like most sinners….I simply choose to get back up again. And by the grace of God He allows me to begin anew again. 💕🌸💕 Hugs to you for cheering me on – it helps when the cross grows heaviest. 💕

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  2. Amen! Your words speak to my heart especially your two tag lines at the bottom. Thanks for being open to sharing how God is alive in your life. We never know when something we share is exactly what another person needed to hear. Loving God through it all and keeping my eyes on Him.

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    1. Thank you kindly, Margie! How awesome is God to present to us exactly what we are in need of, sometimes in the most unexpected ways! Hugs to you for your willingness to find Him wherever He leads. 💕


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