hello, june!

I have always loved the month of June!

And there are lots of reasons why.

One is because June is the month of…

The Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Many artistic depictions of the Sacred Heart show Jesus holding His Heart out to us…a Heart that is on fire with love. Yet, how often do we find our own hearts weak and dry and afraid to catch fire, weighed down as they are by a myriad of cares and needs. Surely, when in this state, it is tempting to hide our hearts from Jesus, to hide from the flame of His love.

Yet, He knows our hearts through and through.

He knows that what is dry catches fire more easily, and He waits for an opportunity to draw close to us.

In this month of the Sacred Heart, let us draw ever closer to Him. Let us ask for the grace to bring our hearts to Jesus, to be warmed by His love, to allow the flame of His love to purify, refine, and make our hearts like unto His.

While at the same time, let us fly His flag proudly!

Trusting in His love, let us pray in the words of St. Margaret Mary:

Most merciful Heart, pitying heart, loving heart of my Father and Savior, refuse not your help to my needy heart.”

I do hope you will join me as we lift up our prayers, most especially this month, for all the many hearts in need.

hugs n’ blessings to all those trusting in His love, especially during the month of June.

2 thoughts on “hello, june!

  1. Your words ring true although here it is now winter and although the days are gloriously sunny the nights are blowy and chill. ,,,,,,,,but the truth of life is He absolutely knows our hearts in all seasons and in ALL PLACES. Blessings and thank you for beauty in your post.

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    1. Thank you, Faye! It is difficult to remember our seasons are opposite one another, but how mindful you keep me that indeed in all circumstances He IS there. Sending my hugs to you to keep you warm in the nights.😘


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