Clothe me in Hope & Mercy. 

I’m walking through the Twilight Zone of Deja’ vu as we enter into 2016. Same bat time, same bat channel, just a different year. And yet, I can acknowledge & embrace that magically…mercifully…


And so it is that, as the year winds down, I do not seek to set resolutions. In their place I instead release, like incense to the Heavens, grateful proclamations of thanks!

Thanks to a God who during a year, admittedly full of sadness, kept me free from bitterness & blame.  Thanks for the wise Sages He sent, who have guided, supported, & sustained me. May their words below burn like sweet perfume, as I release them…with no need to carry these into a New Year.

For God has strengthened me. He has grown me. He has reminded me that like the Cedars in the forest, with love as my mission...What could ever break me?

One by one I symbolically let them go. One by one I say thank you. One by one I turn and walk away. Clothed instead in my new coat of Hope & Mercy. May it keep my heart warm every time I profess,




And I pray that you too may find a ‘new covering’ this year, in just the right size for you!

hugs n’ perfumed blessings as you ring in the New Year!