beary-sweet all hallow e’en!


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“There are three who give testimony in heaven:  the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one.”  1 John 5:7 (The Vulgate)


Helen would like to wish you a


All Hallow E’en!


October 31st, in its strictly religious aspect, is known as the Vigil of Hallows or All Saints’ Day.   Continue reading “beary-sweet all hallow e’en!”


Today is 3hugs&blessings Thursday and I can bearly stand it!


I love pausing in my week, on THIS day (before I am engulfed in all the plans for the Weekend) to reflect on the things I have scooped into the “grateful  pile.”  This Thursday of Thankfulness has developed in a twist-over-a-twirl way.

Spending a little time devoted to ‘blog-reading’ via The Reader, I discovered what a vanilla-esque life I live compared to the vibrant lives I was discovering, through the various posts in the que.  By the time my reading had completed I pushed back, palms against the temples, to rub away the gloom! I had become grumbly-grumpy and not being fond of the agitation that was clump-lumping together I collected myself, my plaid-fall coat, my award-winning (best golden-retriever in the Universe) dog, Helen, and went for a walk.IMG_6478

Three steps away from the driveway and the thorn-in-my brain, agitating thought, became clear; “I live a small life.”  IMG_6583


I haven’t been to the Rain Forests of Zimbabwe.

I haven’t inoculated babies in Berma.

And I’ve never been commissioned (or been brave enough) to do a chalk-drawing in the middle of the streets of Chicago!

So what’s there to be grateful for???? My ‘pile of gratitude’ suddenly seemed sadly insignificant.


“Oh, Bother!”


With each step I began listing in my head the things I had collected in this weeks pile, in hopes of extracting 3 at least ‘medium-than-life’ things I would lift up in Thanksgiving.  Before I realized it…I had walked over four blocks, across 3, back another four toward my home.  As I walked around the final bend to approach our driveway Helen & I came to an abrupt halt IMG_6594when I recognized I had walked this entire distance without a single pause in my mental accounting of blessings, over the course of this one week!  I Giggled as I walked up the driveway, bent down to unleash Helen, then paused to whisper in her ear…


“We may have a small life compared to most Helen, but it certainly is bountiful!

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.  Colossians 3:17

For These hugs n’ 3 blessings I give Thanks!

*The women I shared a lunch with, the women I prayed with, and a God who brought us all together.

*All the beautiful spaces & places & people from our hometown who have been so wonderful to work with in the planning of our daughter & future son-in-law’s wedding.

*The forever gift my grandmother gave me when she taught me how to crochet, and the joy of now crocheting items for our grand-daughter!

whispering 3hugs&blessings to you, in whatever you do too!