Grammie had a squeeze-box!


We are quickly approaching the one year anniversary of our darlin’ daughter & son-in-law’s wedding, which occurred in the merry month of May!

So don’t be surprised if I start revisiting some of those memories made 362 days ago!

(I promise not to be offended if you skippity-skip over the sappiness.)

But I won’t apologize for the sappy, either!


Because…there was just so much love!!!

So much joy!!!

And at a time we were so eager to receive it.


Their love restored hope in our small unit.

Which added a balm of healing our God knew, we needed.

One of the more endearing events that occurred was Grammy’s squeeze-box.


My mother plays the accordion.

Throughout my entire childhood it served as a beacon of joy in dark times.

I come from a family enshrined in the realities of alcoholism.  Anyone who shares a similar journey understands that ‘family events’ are shrouded with the darkness of what this entails.  You wait for the trigger.  You wait for the ‘straw that broke the camels back.’ You wait for the event (no matter how celebratory) to be over and pray that it be so, without too much collateral damage.


There was something though about my mother pulling out her accordion which seemed to soften all those jagged-edged battles.

It was…magical.

It was like slathering jelly across burnt toast.

During the songs she played it was as if time were suspended and our family was “normal.”  With every squeeze of the bellow, from my child’s-eye,  it breathed forth….. “it’s okay, it’s okay, it will all be okay.” 


In a similar way, our children grew up listening to their grandmother play the accordion during family celebrations. Birthdays, baptisms, communions, and Christmases; although gratefully without the drama alcoholism can create. Therefore, it was no surprise to us when, after our daughter became engaged, she approached her Grandmother to request she play a Polka for their wedding!

At first my mother declined.  Fearful of the complications arthritis created for her playing ability she did not want to be a distraction for such a joyous occasion.  But unbeknownst to the  bridal couple my mother began practicing.

Until at last she was comfortable to surprise them with this special gift!

Moments before the “surprise” Polka-Dance!

And listening to her play that day;

watching all (now) 4 of my children singing & dancing to the beat of the bellows,

I could hear once again….

it’s okay, it’s okay, it will all be okay.”

Hugs n’ blessings to all the music players

who squeeze hope into the hearts of those who believe.


11 thoughts on “Grammie had a squeeze-box!

    1. What made it even greater was half your guests were singing the words to the Pennsylvania Beer Barrel Polka & the other half: the words to The Pittsburgh Steeler Polka!!!! (Good thing it was the same music for both, giggles!)


  1. Beautiful sharing of memories. Lovely to journey with you. My Mum played the a (squeeze) box. What memories you have evoked. She never played for big family events but the small intimate family times. Thank you.

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  2. I listened again to your inserted DVD.(not sure how you do this…the technology is amazing) It certainly makes me appreciate the richness of what your thoughts and memories must be today. Everyone was so involved. Beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes indeed, Faye! I am amazed at what WordPress has taught me to do on my bloggity-blog-say-I space! And I look forward to continued learning….but until then I enjoy kneading together what I know to share a small slice of all which encompasses me! Thank you for joining my journey!! Hugs n’ blessings!!


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