marriage is a relationship

A verily

Happy Anniversary

to our lovely daughter


wonderful son-in-law!

May your Anniversary

be a special day…

And may it be filled with sweet memories of

the love you’ve shared and the life

you continue to build!

(There is a SHORT pause…be sure to watch until the end…)

It takes only a moment to 

fall in love

but a 


to prove 

it was meant to be


hugs n’ blessings as the love continues!

6 thoughts on “marriage is a relationship

  1. i just watched jake & abby’s beautiful wedding video, and enjoyed reliving their special day. congratulations jake & abby on your one year anniversary!!! God Bless you two with a continued lifetime of health, love and happiness!!! love you both, aunt cindy

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  2. There is a truth that a three legged stool will be stronger. I believe that when a man and a woman are joined in God with LOVE, the cement to hold the stool together through life is His Spirit and stronger than cement when times get difficult. Relationship indeed. With each other and with the Divine. Blessings and love!

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