Dearest Dollar-Lady,



You will lose people in your life

and realize

no matter how much time

you spent with them,

it will never seem

like it was





Good-bye, cherished ‘dollar-lady’ friend.

I thought we would have more time & hearts(s) to share together; however,

I will always remember your sweet “I love you,”

every time our visits would end.




(And I look forward to hearing this when we meet in heaven,  once again.)




hugs n’ blessings for all the joy you brought to those who accepted the heart(s) you had to give!

11 thoughts on “Dearest Dollar-Lady,

    1. It is so kind of you to inquire about my friend Nancy, affectionately known throughout our community as “The Dollar Lady.” Nancy was a mentor to all who were blessed to know her, as she taught us much about charity and caring for those in need. In the short weeks since she has passed, I find myself still looking for her panhandling at her normal ‘spots’ & I miss those opportunities to receive a handmade heart during our conversations; but mostly especially I miss her “I love you(s).”


    1. Thank you for your kind inquiry of my dear friend, who gave so many people in our community the opportunity to “be with Christ” during her time here on earth. (Matthew 25:34-40) She was a true treasure who is missed by many….


  1. Reblogged this on hugsnblessings and commented:

    RIP Nancy Lee
    September 19, 1951 – August 10, 2018

    “Do you have a dollar?” she would say with a smile.
    And then she’d stand-by to chat for a while.

    You knew where to find her
    at her favorite spots she would sit.
    Often stitching her red hearts
    she would give as a gift.

    I passed by her spot outside of Church today
    Thanked God for her friendship I did pray.

    Today if you see someone in need
    please give kindly to them and you’ll be blessed greatly, indeed.

    In honor of Sweet Dollar-Lady,
    who would sometimes come and then go,
    yet she always left a lasting impression
    more treasured than gold.

    hugs n’ blessings for the love you shared with us and taught us to give.


  2. So beautiful! I’m sure she is the prettiest little guardian angel in heaven, watching over all who were touched by her “presents”. I feel some tiny connection just by having the same hat.
    Thanks for reposting this story as I missed it the first time. 💜

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