i look at you.


I look at you and I do not see

the passage of time.


I see my little girl


eating birthday cake for breakfast


playing basketball at night,


reading a book,


playing in the neighborhood Olympics,

or holding tightly to a cuddle-worn “bun-bunny.”



I love the fact that you are older now

and that the decisions you make

are your own.



But to me,

you will always be

my little girl.




And as you continue to grow

may you fondly remember –

(that as your mother)

I may not be able to carry you in my arms anymore



but I will always carry you in my heart.


Happy birthday, my little girl!


hugs n’ blessings today to you, for giving me the best job on the planet…

being your mom!




2 thoughts on “i look at you.

  1. As mothers, we have the opportunity to see our children for the pure love they are, and to keep that love as the basis of their upbringing. With God’s great assistance I pray I have done so adequately! Hugs to you for your kind words sent my way today.


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