Constancy of grace

Honoring a true “International Woman” as we celebrate her Feast Day today! St. Frances of Rome, pray for us!



I enjoy meeting people!

I enjoy discovering the important things about them…their past, their present and what they hope for in their future.

I even enjoy getting to know the people I’ve never really ‘met,’ but have instead gotten to know by reading about them.

This is especially true reading about the lives of theSaints!

They inspire me, guide me, and in many ways encourage me to do ‘better’ in my own manner of living.

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love letter

dancing through my head…



JJ and Dave Heller made the attached video in their living room this morning.

(I know because they sent me an email telling me so!)

The performance, like love, went differently than they expected.

Whether you laugh at (or with) them, I do hope-itty-hope you enjoy this video of their song Love Letter.   Continue reading “love letter”

up to snow good


As I have written about before

where I live –

we get

a lot.




This year was no exception.





We actually shattered several long-standing city & state records, some that date to 1893!

Just to name a few: Continue reading “up to snow good”