taking the rainbow back…

For many years I collected Noah’s Arks.

Large, small, manufactured or carved – many of which were given to me as gifts.

Our home was littered with them!

When we moved to our current home in 2014 it felt like it was time to pare the collection down & let many of them go. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the mutual love of God’s covenant with others – not to mention all the littles, who were so eager to play with the many miniature animals! However, a few do still remain in my possession – a beautiful print gifted to me by my sister & her family along with a hand-carved rendition that my grandchildren now play with, given by my mother.

I collected them because of the “Promise.”

Rainbows are a sign of hope from God.

He isn’t a police God, but a Father who pledged to be patient and offer His grace.

Whether others know it or not, every rainbow they use means God hasn’t given up on them.

Don’t give up on those who do not know, understand or remember Who it is that gave us the rainbow. Or why.

I know I haven’t.

And my prayer is that one day the One who gifted it to us will be embraced by all. But for today I’m taking it back! While looking for the opportunity to share it with any who wish to receive the Promise now.

hugs n’ blessings because His promise still stands!

seasons of fun

Life is all about how you deal with the puddles.

And WHO you jump in them with.

hugs n’ blessings for all sorts of fun!

dress to impress

it’s the monday giggles…

I’m super lazy today.

It’s like normal lazy

but I’m wearing a


hugs n’ blessings to all those who struggle but just don’t quit!