it’s the Monday giggles….


I know it’s Monday and normally there are important giggles to be shared; however, there’s really only ONE THING that needs to be said today and that is……


No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great.
Duty first.

Our son was a part of the BIG RED ONE and we were tickled to discover this year’s Army uniform  design for  America’s Game, unveiled today, represents this elite Unit with a storied history.

2018 marks the 100th anniversary of World War One so it only made sense the Black Knights would debut their Army-Navy game uniforms to commemorate the occasion —honoring the legacy of the U.S. Army’s first combat unit.
Traditionally, the uniforms of the Army-Navy game acknowledge a military event or specific unit. This year, Army stunned us again with a black and red combination that gives a great nod to the history of the 1st Infantry Division, also known as “The Big Red One” and “The Fighting First.”
Clad in all black with red details, the uniform color honors 1886 graduate of West Point, John “Black Jack” Pershing. A famed individual within the military community and those who consider themselves military history buffs, Pershing became the first four-star general in the country and commanded the American Expeditionary Forces during WWI.

Kaylah Jackson

Not only is our son a retired member of the #BigRedOne but also a former member of the Army Black Knights.  

We hold such fond memories of our own experiences at  America’s Game!   And we continue to look forward each year to watching the annual Army-Navy game.  

To say that this year’s uniforms are TOTALLY amazing is an understatement but nothing can compare to the personal pride we feel through our connection to this Combat Unit and this Team.  This Saturday our prayers will go out to all those who are nearing the end of their commitment to the BIG RED ONE, as well as to all the seniors who will be playing their final game. 

The shoulders of the jerseys showcase a black lion acknowledging the Black Lions of Cantigny and disks on the collar feature cross rifles and the acronym “U.S.,” insignias worn by enlisted soldiers in the unit. The back of the helmets, also blacked-out, feature a subdued WWI-era American Flag. The front of the helmets feature a replica of the unit patch which was used to identify the country’s vehicles from allies and enemies. It’s notated with the number “1.”

Kaylah Jackson

So, while we whole-heartedly immerse ourselves in the Season of Advent and busily fill our days with Christmas decorating and preparations 

The Big Red One hanging proudly!

may we never forget the sacrifices that have been & continue to be made…… by the brave!

On brave old Army team!

hugs n’ blessings to all those who will enjoy this year’s game!

Our favorite Panther!

This Weekend begins the start of one of Cuppycake & my favorite times of year.

The start of College Football Season!

Go Army! Beat Navy!

And the season returns with one of the most loaded opening weekends in a long time!

Which has led to a lot of discussion regarding which games we shall watch and those we may need to DVR.  However, a few don’t even need to be discussed because of the deep-rooted  fanaticism
wildly excessive or irrational devotion, dedication, or enthusiasm

& personal affection!


And this year we’ve added one more favorite team to our list, due in part to our favorite Pitt Panther!

Hail, Pitt!

It may be hard to tell but..The Panther is on the left.

So this Weekend we will not only be glued to all the major Sports Channels, but we will be setting aside a little time to give thanks that our favorite Pitt Panther (and stellar son-in-law) has helped us to add one more team to our “favorites to watch” list!  I’m sure we will also take some important time to raise our tailgating-beers (wrapped in cozies)  in thanksgiving to have Jake in our lives and for ALL the MANY blessings & sincere joy he has brought to our family already!

Can you tell we’re just a little fanatic over him!

Jake is the one on the right.  Hard to tell, right????

The name Jacob is defined in many ways.  The biblical definition explains: In the Old Testament, Jacob (later called Israel) is the son of Isaac and Rebecca and the father of the twelve founders of the twelve tribes of Israel. He was born holding his twin brother Esau’s heel, and his name is explained as meaning “holder of the heel” or “supplanter”. Other theories claim that it is in fact derived from a hypothetical name like יַעֲקֹבְאֵל (Ya’aqov’el) meaning “may God protect”.

And several other on-line dictionaries define those with the name of Jacob as:
very kind hearted
a fighter and a lover
never scared of anybody
and loves loves loves sports!

If we were to add to these definitions we would simply say:

the one most suited to love & care for our daughter,

a heart large enough to love not only her but her entire family unconditionally,

an infectious laugh,

and the biggest Pittsburgh Panther fan we know!

hugs n’ blessings to our favorite Pitt Panther fanatic and to all the fans celebrating the start of another College Football Season!