i will ‘to-do’ it!

it’s the monday giggles…

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Our daughter is getting married this year.

Hence, Emily Post (the queen of etiquette,) has become my new BFF.

My Blue Book of Etiquette.

And even though we have never met…

I love Emily! 

She keeps me on track. She keeps me motivated.

She answers my questions when I do not know what to do!

And even when I may decide not to follow her sound advice (which is often,) she continues to applaud my efforts in this mother-of-the-bride role.

Yes, I love Emily!

Because she approves of our daughter’s glitter and sparkle and most definately understands the important etiquette of bedazzling one’s straight-jacket too!


Here is the first piece of wisdom she shared with me:

“Great news: Your daughter or son is getting married!

Before you do anything else, take a moment to savor the thrill of this great news.

Finished? Good. Now roll up your sleeves—because whether you are deeply involved in every aspect of planning the wedding or the bride and groom prefer to rely on you as a sounding board while making the major decisions themselves, it’s likely that you’re going to find yourself juggling the roles of adviser, therapist, communications hub, and trouble-shooter. You’ll need to be able to:

Keep the planning process on track without nagging.
Offer guidance without being pushy.
And be a rock of supportive encouragement—even if you disagree with the couple on a particular decision.

All this, of course, is in addition to any specific parental responsibilities that you take on, such as throwing an engagement party, spreading the word about gift registries, contributing to the guest list, bonding with your daughter or son’s new in-laws, arranging a bridal shower, negotiating sticky family situations, and welcoming guests at the big event itself.”

Now…if I could simply get my new BFF Emily  “to actually to-do-it-too!”

Bridal Shower invites go out!


We watched her play in the sandbox,

lose her first tooth,

go on her first date,

graduate from high school


live on her own for the very first time.

Now our little girl isn’t so little anymore — and she’s getting married!  

Best Dad Ever.

And so we’ve been reliving the memorable moments in her life with fondness and looking forward to the days ahead as our daughter becomes a wife …

and maybe one day, God willing, even a mother.

I hopity-hope Emily still approves of glitter for that too!

hugs n’ blessings filled with the kind of fondness that sticks to your heart

like glitter on paper!

5 thoughts on “i will ‘to-do’ it!

  1. My dearest mother….what a touching blog post this is! My gratitude, gratefulness, joy, pride,and all the other words of thankfulness I can think of cannot begin to sum up how Jake and I feel for assisting us in planning this wedding of ours. And that is what is so awesome…you’ve allowed it to remain OURS!! You have been our selfless supporter throughout this whole process and we are forever in debt to you for that. Our special day is already treasured for all the hard work you’ve put into making it care-free and one of a kind for us. How does a daughter get to be so lucky??? I want you to know that we are unbelievably grateful for all that you’ve done. I love you my FEARLESS mother and wedding planner of the year 🙂

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  2. A beautiful thoughtful fun sharing post. So true too. Oh the memories. All stages of life bring unique challenges. heart-pain, reflective sorrows BUT moments of the purest JOY. Let LOVE always beam the way. Only one daughter myself and two sons but through the years how the memories resonate. Enjoy the journey. Post sometimes about how you’re travelling. (The picture on my blog today I will post especially for you) ie fun and challenges!

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    1. Faye, you are the sweetest! Yes…the joy & love of it all certainly shines a bright beam of light illuminating the path before us! I will certainly check out the photos on your site…I am sure the are delightful and how kind of you to do so for me. The warmest of hugs to you, my friend!!


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