one way

it’s the monday giggles….

That’s one way to look at it.

and it’s my birthday….

That’s one way to go about it.


the two combined are bound to create an avalanche of amusement!

That’s one way to handle it.
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a private moment

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Hartland Photography



the magic of the wedding

behind us

and all the glitter swept up,

God provided us the blessing of 3 quiet days to sit and reflect

on the joy and wonder of it all.

Everyone tells you how fast the time goes by

and they’re oh, so very right!

But no one mentioned the hidden moments,

the private ones…

and just how much they catch your heart

causing it to skip a beat,

for a moment,

and freezes it there forever

fossilized in the heart.

It didn’t matter that we stood in a sea of hundreds

or whether all alone

they came (these special moments)

and illuminated so much joy,

so much gratitude,

so much wonder & awe,

their only escape was through

tears & laughter.

My mind has lapped over them now,

their impressions already smooth like beach glass

tumbled through the repeating waves

of the ocean.

And today i allow one

to spill out,

to share with you,

in my own way…

this private moment.

My darling daughter presented me this video to watch

the night before her wedding.

A precious letter

read by her

while a cascade of lifetime moments spent together displayed.

Forever on film,

for always in my heart,

causing so many skipped beats.

Image 5-10-16 at 8.56 PM
Photo Courtesy of Danielle Hartland Photography Photos Used Without Permission not Permitted

hugs n’ blessings for all the private moments we celebrate in our hearts!


bippity-boppity-blog thoughts to carry through the Weekend…

(may they be magical for you!)

Write a letter to someone you love…telling them so.

(just do it.)

it will feel better than any sneaker you will ever wear.

Photo & Letter Courtesy of Jared Don
Photo & Letter Courtesy of Jared Don

CIRCA 2012

hugs n’ handwritten blessings!