one way

it’s the monday giggles….

That’s one way to look at it.

and it’s my birthday….

That’s one way to go about it.


the two combined are bound to create an avalanche of amusement!

That’s one way to handle it.

Are you ready?

I know I am!

Heading off one way

So far the avalanche of amusement has been covered in flowers, as I’ve spent the past several days leading up to my birthday gleefully immersing myself with the pleasure of planting.

And while I’ve spent this time with my hands in the earth adding color to it’s warm brownness – I have had the uninterrupted grace of reflecting on the path God has taken me down, while contemplating where it may lead next.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve experienced many lessons during the 34 weeks I spent working with the Ignatius Online Retreat through Creighton University.

I’ve learned what it truly means to be indifferent in a life-giving Holy way.

I’ve embraced a peace the world cannot give.

I have a renewed affection that everything really just boils down to love.

It’s all about love.

And the mystery of our everyday lives is that Jesus is with us.

It’s just we often don’t recognize Him.

He has “better” in mind.

He has “blessed” in mind.

He has “holiness” in mind.

We may not see or recognize what that looks like (yet) but

we will experience the GLORY of it one day.

I look forward to this 32nd anniversary year of my 21st birthday. I know God is challenging me, as He did Peter about the degree of his love. How much? How much do you love me?(John 21:15-17)

How much, Dawn Marie?

Peter denied Him three times and yet I see that the one who denied him three times is able to say that his love is three times stronger for that. (John 21: 1-19.)

Aren’t these the same movements we too can experience? Our Joy, with Jesus, can become fruitful. We too are sent by the love we have for Him. And having grown in love for Him, we do grow in love for His mission.

And so it is, on the beginning of yet another New Year of life-experiences, that I seek to answer Him.

I’m not sure what my answer will involve or where it will take me; but, I enthusiastically say Yes to wherever it will lead!

And that’s definitely one way to go!

My annual birthday letter….

Dearest friend Jesus,

I feel you with me now, close by my side, holding my hand as I begin the way down the road. I’m not sure where it is leading, but I know that I am both following you and walking with you as we go. Peacefulness has seeped into my soul and I feel like nothing can disturb me. Together we will walk through this world, through this life, and I will have the love and care that have changed my life. My life is different now than it was 34 weeks ago. In some ways I am very changed and in some ways I am so much the same.

It seems like what I do with my life will be different now. I know I will make choices that people won’t understand, and I will face decisions that frighten me. Sometimes I will fall back on what I know best or what is easiest and will make the wrong choice. But I know I can turn to you, look into your eyes, and talk about it. Help me, gentle Jesus, as I try to continue living a life of self-giving, not considering my needs first but those of others. Give me the wisdom and courage to make the right choices, to have a faith that does justice and a life that always cares for the poor.

I know that I am not perfect and maybe – finally- I understand that is something to rejoice in! I can be happy in my imperfections and my weaknesses because it is there that you come to me so gently to support and love me.

I feel you with me at all times, in all that I do and in everyone I see. Give me the patience and insight to recognize you in the people who hurt or frighten me, the people I don’t understand. Let me see your eyes looking back at me when I speak to them.

What I want the most, what I feel so very deeply, is that I want to live a life where you want me to be and give as you want, without hearing the self-serving echoes of the world.

Please help me in my struggle to be free from anything that keeps me from loving and serving you. All I want in my life is to love you.

Thank you so much for all you are in my life. Please accept these tears in my eyes, the great love in my heart, and the life I offer to you. It is everything I have.

Give me only your love and grace. I want nothing more than to go One way – with you.

hugs n’ blessings from me 2 you on my special eat-cake-for-breakfast-day!

a private moment

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Hartland Photography



the magic of the wedding

behind us

and all the glitter swept up,

God provided us the blessing of 3 quiet days to sit and reflect

on the joy and wonder of it all.

Everyone tells you how fast the time goes by

and they’re oh, so very right!

But no one mentioned the hidden moments,

the private ones…

and just how much they catch your heart

causing it to skip a beat,

for a moment,

and freezes it there forever

fossilized in the heart.

It didn’t matter that we stood in a sea of hundreds

or whether all alone

they came (these special moments)

and illuminated so much joy,

so much gratitude,

so much wonder & awe,

their only escape was through

tears & laughter.

My mind has lapped over them now,

their impressions already smooth like beach glass

tumbled through the repeating waves

of the ocean.

And today i allow one

to spill out,

to share with you,

in my own way…

this private moment.

My darling daughter presented me this video to watch

the night before her wedding.

A precious letter

read by her

while a cascade of lifetime moments spent together displayed.

Forever on film,

for always in my heart,

causing so many skipped beats.

Image 5-10-16 at 8.56 PM
Photo Courtesy of Danielle Hartland Photography Photos Used Without Permission not Permitted

hugs n’ blessings for all the private moments we celebrate in our hearts!


bippity-boppity-blog thoughts to carry through the Weekend…

(may they be magical for you!)

Write a letter to someone you love…telling them so.

(just do it.)

it will feel better than any sneaker you will ever wear.

Photo & Letter Courtesy of Jared Don
Photo & Letter Courtesy of Jared Don

CIRCA 2012

hugs n’ handwritten blessings!