morning, noon & night!

Tom’s vacation is winding down.

As a result we woke up and JUMPED right into the day!

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just steak


being with a friend,

is all the therapy

you need.

Ready, Set, Go!

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family trip

it’s the monday giggles….

My mom, sister, and I are taking a Cottage Vacation together.

Image 6-25-16 at 5.48 PM


When my sister & I were younger

our parents took us to a cottage on the lake for a two-week vacation every summer.

It felt like we went for 110 years, in kids-speak.

But then we both grew up….

Image 6-25-16 at 5.47 PM


So, this year my sister & I surprised our mother

and the 3 of us will be sharing a cottage together

for the first time in like 110 years!!

(Really just a long time in adult-speak.)


I am sure my sister & I will do many of the things we did all those many years ago.

Image 6-25-16 at 5.46 PMImage 6-25-16 at 5.56 PM

And more than likely

so will our mother…

Image 6-25-16 at 5.57 PM

What favorite vacation memories do you have from your childhood?

I hope-ity-hope you have time this summer to relive just a few!

hugs n’ fond blessings for all the joy remembered.