It is real

They say love is blind.

I disagree.

Infatuation is blind.

Love is all-seeing and accepting.

Love is seeing the flaws and blemishes and accepting them. Love is accepting the bad habits and mannerisms, and working around them. Love is recognizing all the fears and insecurities, and knowing your role is to comfort. Love is working through all the challenges and painful times.

Infatuation is fragile and will shatter when life is not perfect.

Love is strong and it strengthens because

it is real.

Nailed it!

Praising God for the past 33 (years!)

hugs n’ blessings to all those loyal hearts who know what is real!

4 thoughts on “33

  1. Happy Anniversary to two wonderful people whose love and faith is an inspiration to others. I love you both and wish you many more years of abiding love. I am proud to be your mom. Hugs and Kisses, mom

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  2. Thank you for sharing and congratulations to you both. Yes indeed I believe that LOVE is the most redeeming force in the natural and spiritual life. It is all encompassing and LOVES in spite of flaws and failings.

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