no bible, no breakfast! no bible, no bed!

it’s the monday giggles…

With all the heart-wrenching travesty swirling around in the world – it hardly seems fitting to pull out a giggle.

But our lives can still find sweetness, our hearts can always soften, and our hope still can be found.

I do pray this little sharing brings a tiny giggle to your Soul.

And in it, may you claim the calm sense of knowing WHERE our peace can be found

even if for only a little while….

If you were a member of my parish it would be ingrained in your psyche “No bible, no breakfast! No bible, no bed!” Our parish priest, Father Larry Richards, reminds his flock of followers of this importance perpetually! (first giggle.) He frequently bellows an enthusiastic reminder, “Before our feet hit the floor in the morning we should open the Word of God with steadfast faith, “Speak to me your Word, O Lord!” Then allow the Bible to be opened and our eyes to be led toward the Scripture God intends for us this day. And the same in reverse order upon returning to bed in the evening, to apply the Word of God as a balm on our hearts at the close of every day.” I am paraphrasing of course, also I am not jumping up & down in typical Father Larry fashion, but I am sure you get the clear picture! (second giggle.)

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my “yeah-day” song! (it’s a new year!)



This year I resolve to be defined by only those who love me and stop seeking the approval from those who never will.  God gave me a wide open heart and I willing share it with those who invite me to do so…(no obligations expected.)  For with God by my side, I am far braver than I ever imagined I’d be!!!

It’s my “Yeah-Day,” so here’s to the 28th Anniversary of my 21st birthday!!

Choosing to be in the front row this year!

And a special hugs n’ blessing to all those sharing the front row with me.

I am truly blessed!

He still makes me laugh!
He still makes me laugh!

*Photos courtesy of Pinterest & Jared Schaaf Photography.

*Music by:  JJ Heller