I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.” Psalm 32:8

God’s Words have (definitely) taught me a lot.

The Saints’ lives have taught me a lot.

Author Bob Goff’s books have taught me a lot.

Maya Angelou’s poetry has taught me a lot.

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hide me to seek thee.

It’s another Wednesday for Saint Maria Faustina KoWalska (what else,)

with a brief reflection on the Divine Mercy of God:


Some people like “all things” Disney and others Wally-World!

However,  I am a huge fan of The Divine Mercy of God!

Going to Krakow, Poland or The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts would be like going to Catholic Disney Land for me!!


I am so happily-in-love with the gift God gives to each of us through His Divine Mercy, that there is an entire Page dedicated to this on my blogitty-blog site; which you may easily find at the topside tucked nicely under a hug!

 In a previous post, Somewhere Over The Rainbow,  I began sharing my personal reflections on the experiences I encountered reading St. Faustina’s Diary, Divine Mercy in My Soul. I hope you’ll jump, hop, or skip through this Page of collected Posts to find something that may resonate in your own heart!  But for now…here’s my newest reflection I’ve been pondering.


This pitty-pat-ponder comes welcomingly into my soul straight from Faustina’s Monthly Examen!

St. Faustina did many things in love for Jesus; but none so more than to dedicate her whole life to spreading the teachings & devotion of The Divine Mercy of God.

Just as anyone who may be training to strengthen themselves physically, Saint Faustina exercised  spiritually!  There were two ‘practices’ or ‘exercises’ she relied upon to help strengthen her to carry out this dedication.  The first was a Monthly Examen of The Conscience; where she used an Exclamatory Prayer to internally control the soul, so as to be united with the merciful Christ.


“J.M.J. ~ Jesus, I trust in You. ~ Chart of internal Control of the Soul, Particular examen – to be united with the merciful Christ.  Practice:  inner silence, strict observance of silence.

The Conscience (Exclamatory Prayer)

January: But God remained silent.  February: Jesus, I trust in You.  March: Jesus, enkindle my heart with love.    April: With God I can do all things.  May: In His Name is my strength.  June: All for Jesus.  July: Jesus, rest in my heart.  August: Jesus, You know.  September:  Jesus, hide me in Your Heart.  October: Mary, unite me with Jesus.  November: O my Jesus, have mercy!  December: Hail, Living Host!”     ~St. Faustina’s diary, entry 162 (77)


And this, at the start of my September, my thumpity-thump-thump heart ponders:

“Jesus hide me in Your Heart.”

Your Heart.  Hide me in YOUR Heart.  Hide ME in Your Heart.

For love of Me, you safely tuck me away…protected by You.

For love of You I desire to be hidden, that other’s might only see You… through Me.


hugs n’ heart-given blessing from Him, through Me!