my heart thanks god for you

If you ever wondered if I notice the little things you do, the multitude of everyday ways you show your love and commitment to our sweet family, I do.

I don’t say, ‘thank you,’ for all of them often enough, though – but they do get filed away in the ‘more reasons to love that man’ file that’s overflowing its space in my heart.

Today, however, I want you to hear it from me…from my heart

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O St. Joseph

A Prayer for All Fathers

Heavenly Father, you have chosen to reflect your perfect and unwavering love for each of us, through imperfect men who faithfully and untiringly love their children. How truly important and special fathers are, that you would allow them to be a living sign of our providential care.

We ask you to bless all men that you have called to the holy vocation of fatherhood. May they persevere in every trial, rejoice in every blessing and never cease praying for their children. By their paternal encouragement, unfailing fidelity and good example, may they lead their children to the bliss of heaven.

O St. Joseph, patron of all fathers, be every dad’s inspiration in all that they think, say and do. Amen.

hugs n’ blessings and a bushel of gratitude for all those Dads striving to do the very best they can!