Saturday’s path.

Spy Wednesday.

Holy Thursday.

Good Friday

Silent Saturday.

Photo from  Unsplash, taken by Avery Woodard

God’s work amongst us.

God’s Salvation for us.

God’s gift to us.

Each lenten season – within the catacombs of these 40 days – we have the opportunity to listen to God speak to our hearts as His life, death and resurrection are re-presented.  And we have the beautiful opportunity to receive the great gift of discovering His individual message to us – as He fashions our heart ‘with desire’ – in the hope that we will choose to embrace this great act of love, poured out for us. Continue reading “Saturday’s path.”

for YOU.

He is Risen.

He is Risen Indeed!

Catholic Imagery posted a beautiful reflection on their Instagram account today that has not left my heart since seeing it.  There stands Christ leaning tenderly in the shadows of the tomb doorway.  A very contemplative gaze across his face, it is easy to tell He is deep in thought.

I loved the reflection given by Catholic Imagery and I share it now…

for YOU.

jesus tomb 2

Just imagine what our Lord was thinking of as the stone was rolled away from the tomb and He stood at the entrance after defeating death!

If you ask me of what He was thinking of at this moment, I’d have to answer…


He was thinking of YOU and how much He loves YOU!

Today is the day we say, “Thank you Jesus, I love you too!” ..


Photo Courtesy Pinterest Painting by John McNaughton

these hugs n’ blessings are…for YOU.