it’s the monday giggles…

Stop, drop and roll was such a big deal when I was younger. I really expected to be on fire way more than the zero times I have been so far.

hugs n’ blessings for childhood lessons.


it’s the monday giggles…

Grandpa does not want to be in painting class.

“Everyone’s got an opinion; be an example.”

Bob Goff

hugs n’ blessings for the examples we set.


Photo Courtesy of Jared Schaaf Photography

“Jesus, Son of the Father, you show me how you live by your Word. Let your lessons be bound to my heart.”

Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network

For the last 31 weeks I have been participating in an Online Retreat offered through Creighton University. Anyone may start the retreat at any time; however, it was developed for and encouraged to be made following the Liturgical Seasons. Which simply put means: an outlined calendar provides a guide for making the retreat according to a schedule that conforms to the Liturgical year!

In early September our Pastor, Fr. Larry Richards, encouraged parish members to consider making this retreat. I was intrigued, looked into the specifics, and then invited a few others to join me in signing up for the 34 week retreat.

I was the only one who did.


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