Gardenias & a magic-wand!

My favorite flower in the whole wide world is…

the Gardenia!

My very own home-grown Gardenia!

There is something romantically nostalgic

about this flower for me.

I have always called upon the gardenia

for the (most) special moments of my life.

And it has never disappointed me!

Like the fairy-godmother in Cinderella

who waves her magic-wand which turns

pumpkins into carriages,

I truly feel like the transformed pumpkin each time I am near one.

No wonder it was the flower at my wedding

and every birth of my children

and all the Mother’s Days there-after!

Not to mention, I am quite certain my family will know

which flower should be at my wake!



One of the fondest memories I have of the Gardenia was on our Wedding Day some 30 years ago, walking down the aisle of St. Joseph’s Church with my cascading bouquete of Gardenias clutched tightly in my hands! The elderly women in attendance commented how, “We could smell the gardenias as you walked down the aisle toward your groom!”


And I do so very hope it will be the same with Jesus one day!

As an eternal bride, with her favorite flower, headed toward her beloved Bridegroom…in Heaven.  And I do verily hope He will be just as pleased by the fragrance, as I process toward Him.

But first, by the grace of God,

I have a few more Gardenias here in this earthly world to enjoy!

This potted miniature-gardenia plant was gifted to me by two very dear friends for my 50th birthday celebration!

Last count it had 48 gardenia-buds waiting to burst into bloom!

These two Gardenias, outside our sun-porch, were purchased during a “surprise-BOGO” at a local nursery! Lucky me!


The Gardenia’s are beautiful this year because of the unusually high-humidity we have had during the summer months.  I wish I could explain the giddy-feeling I have each time I walk outside from the sunroom and am struck by the heavy-aroma from the fresh blooms!  My joy is especially heightened, as this is the first time I have ever been able to wear a Gardenia, tucked in my hair or behind an ear, without needing to purchase it from my favorite people at Allburn’s Florists.

I have done a lot of research on preserving my potted bushes during the cold Northeastern US winters; however, saddly it doesn’t sound promising.  My research also suggests “even if” you are successful in nursing the bushes through the winter months indoors, it is difficult to get the bushes to rebloom the following year.

Can you hear my sad-sighs?

However,  as I am learning this new knowledge of the Gardenia it has helped me to appreciate the gift I’ve been given with these 3 ‘make-me-smile’ bushes even more!  What a blessing to remember how important it is to fully embrace the joy which is given to us in the moment...for we never really know if we will always have it in our midst.

Yes, God is constantly teaching me!

Whether it is through the wave of a magic-wand,

the surprise of an unexpected sale,

the heat of an unusually humid summer,

or a favorite flower readily available to be tucked in my hair…

life should be appreciated fully (in the) NOW.

And praise be, He allows the fragrance from the joy to linger with us,

even when it’s gone.

A dried Gardenia from Mother’s Day 2016

3hugs n’ blessings for all the pumpkins turning into carriages in our everyday lives!