bright ideas.


I think everyone who journals or blogs or writes in a Diary has a favorite spot or two they enjoy tippity-tap typing or placing pen to paper at. I know I certainly have a few comfy spots that I retreat to which help me to let all the thoughts dancing in my head out to play.

Many great writers have found creative comfort while sitting at a desk. (Charles Dickens was so attached to his that he had its contents shipped to his vacation home!) But a surprising number of literary luminaries have ventured beyond the traditional perch to create their ideal writing spots, whether that meant stepping into a bathtub or trekking into the wilderness. Here are a few of the most memorable:

Virginia Woolf, every morning, walked down to the basement and strode past the family’s printing press and into a storage room with a cozy old armchair. Her pen would fly while the press whirred in the next room!

Agatha Christie had two important demands for the renovation of her mansion. She informed her architect, “I want a big bath, and I need a ledge because I like to eat apples.” Christie constructed her plots in a large Victorian tub, one bite at a time.

Instead of hopping in an actual tub, every morning Benjamin Franklin took what he called “tonic baths” in the open air of his bedroom—he’d shed his clothes and work naked, for up to an hour. (Oh, my!)

Maya Angelou wrote in the isolation of a hotel room. To ensure there were no distractions, she requested that everything be removed from the walls. Her own essential tools, which she brought into the bare room, included yellow pads, a dictionary, a thesaurus and a Bible. She used to also bring sherry and an ashtray!

Mark Twain was often found writing in his bed.

Mark Twain writing in bed.

Ernst Hemingway, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, and Philip Roth, these great thinkers have been inspired to pen their finest pieces while standing! (Most times at their make-shift desks.)

Hemingway wrote standing up!






And even though I am not an aspiring (mid-life) writer I do myself enjoy a few writing spots where all my ideas can bubble out and dance about to play as I journal away!

My office play-space.


At the foot of our bed.
A favorite window spot.

Where is your favorite space to write?

hugs n’ happy space blessings!