spiritual fitness

Two years ago I tried on a favorite little black dress.

I loved this dress for its simplicity and flexibility. It’s not in the least bit fussy or fancy and whether a high heel, kitten heel, sandal or sporty sneaker this dress can carry off the perfect look – no matter the occasion! This dress has hung in my closet for more years than the store it was purchased at lasted, as it has gone out of business long ago.

My LBD has traveled with me through 3 house moves & spanned the course of numerous fashion trends! Most importantly, if I am ever in doubt of “what to wear” it’s always been my constant “safe choice.”

Choose a shoe, match a hand-bag and off I go!

But then one day, as I pulled this magical garment from the closet to wear for an impromptu dinner with friends, the unthinkable happened.

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Constancy of grace




I enjoy meeting people!

I enjoy discovering the important things about them…their past, their present and what they hope for in their future.

I even enjoy getting to know the people I’ve never really ‘met,’ but have instead gotten to know through reading about them.

This is especially true reading about the lives of the Saints!

They inspire me, guide me, and in many ways encourage me to do ‘better’ in my own manner of living.

Have you ever ‘met’ someone like that?  Who inspires, guides and shows you; through the example of how they live (or have lived) their own life, the way to live your own?

I call these people, in particular these Saints, my IRONMEN as taken from Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  Continue reading “Constancy of grace”