love letter

dancing through my head…



JJ and Dave Heller made the attached video in their living room this morning.

(I know because they sent me an email telling me so!)

The performance, like love, went differently than they expected.

Whether you laugh at (or with) them, I do hope-itty-hope you enjoy this video of their song Love Letter.   Continue reading “love letter”

over-all love




Photo courtesy of Pinterest

“Lord, open up my heart & show me how to act upon my small faith so that I can learn how to think, love, pray, and serve as you do.  Increase my understanding and my faith.  Don’t let me run away from you.  Let me remember the mighty things you have done in my life. Let me be ready to speak of your wonderful ways to all I encounter & let this prayer make a positive diffence in my day, in my life.  Amen.”



may hugs n’ blessings run with you today and make you new!

my “yeah-day” song! (it’s a new year!)



This year I resolve to be defined by only those who love me and stop seeking the approval from those who never will.  God gave me a wide open heart and I willing share it with those who invite me to do so…(no obligations expected.)  For with God by my side, I am far braver than I ever imagined I’d be!!!

It’s my “Yeah-Day,” so here’s to the 28th Anniversary of my 21st birthday!!

Choosing to be in the front row this year!

And a special hugs n’ blessing to all those sharing the front row with me.

I am truly blessed!

He still makes me laugh!
He still makes me laugh!

*Photos courtesy of Pinterest & Jared Schaaf Photography.

*Music by:  JJ Heller