weighing the options…

it’s the monday giggles…..

hugs n’ blessings to all those who know better & understand that orange is not their best color!

Getting to know you…

Several years ago a dear blogging friend wrote a clever post by inviting people to “get to know her” through a series of very uncommon answered questions. 

This was a fun way to get to know her and I have always remembered that unique post!

Because I have been intermittent (at best) with my posting lately, I think it is the perfect opportunity to borrow her lovely idea & create a similar post! In doing so – whether you have been a faithful follower or brand new to my sight – I do hope you will enjoy getting to know a few new things…at least getting to know some favorite things, about me. 

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So You catch me when I fall, right?
And You hear me when I call cryin’
And You fix me when I’m broke, right?
And that’s all I need to know.
So the storm is gonna break right?
And the sun is gonna start shining
And everything is gonna go right
And that’s all I need to know.

But what if You know something I don’t?
What if You will something I won’t?
If You don’t give me what I want
But You give me what I need
Is that enough to…

Believe, believe, believe, believe in Your love?
Will I still
Believe, believe, believe, believe in Your love?

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