my jolly playmate

it’s the monday giggles…

Helen finds a playmate…

or did the playmate finding Helen?


a friend with whom someone plays.
synonyms: friend, companion

My jolly playmate,
Come out and play with me.


You’ll bring your dollies three,
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Soon and Very Soon

Antiphon:  The time has come for Mary to give birth to her firstborn Son.

“How can this be?”

Not only a child.

But His.

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smiles (and hands) down…i love you!

bippity-boppity-blog thoughts to carry through the Weekend…

(may they be defining for you!)

little one, dry your tears,

seeing you sad

makes a momma want to cry.

wise little one, halo unaware,

you’re an angel just walking by.

learn from you, spread wings like you,

makes a momma want to cry.

Video by: Doc Hallenstein
As reported on CBS
these hugs n’ smile-wide blessings are just for you
as you spread your wings to share
your joy along your merrily-way!