set your path!


Jared \j(a)-red\   pronounced JARE-ed.

The name Jared is a Biblical name from the Hebrew name יָרֶד (Yared) or יֶרֶד (Yered) meaning “descent.”  In the Biblical Book of Genesis, Jared was the sixth link in the ten pre-flood generations between Adam and Noah; he was the son of Mahalaleel and the father of Enoch, and lived 962 years (per Genesis 5:18).  The meaning of the name is “he who descended” (Hebrew root YRD). In the Book of Enoch it is explained that Mahalaleel named Jared because during his lifetime the angels of the Lord descended to earth. The name could also be understood as “he who shall rule” (future tense of the Hebrew root RDH, as found for example in Psalms 72:8).

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the lion and the lamb

On Christmas Eve in 1818
a blizzard stranded the tiny village of Ogledorf,
nestled in the Austrian mountains.
That same day the people of St. Nicholas’ church found their organ broken
so the priest and organist began composing a song that could be sung without
an organ, yet beautiful enough to express their Christmas joy.  Continue reading “the lion and the lamb”


it’s the monday giggles…


“They will follow the LORD; he will roar like a lion.  When he roars, his children will come trembling from the west.”

Hosea 11:10

Do I look fierce enough?

The Lion

If you are attacked by a lion:

Find fresh underpants,

lay on the ground quite still,

pretend you are very ill,

keep like that day after day,

perhaps the lion will go away.

by Spike Milligan

“It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and love.  Till we find our place, on the path unwinding. In the circle, the circle of life! “

(Now she just needs a big rock to stand on!)

“Hakuna Matata! AND happy All Hallows’ Eve!

Sticky fingers,

Tired feet,

I hope you’ll stop at my house

for a ROArrrrring great treat!!


hugs n’ blessings & many  All Souls day prayers & wishes!

O God, Lord of mercies, grant to the souls of Your servants and handmaids, the place of refreshment, the bliss of etrnal rest and the splendor of Your Light.