if you’re lucky☘️

On March 17, countless people in many countries, including Japan and Russia, gather together to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. From eating corned beef and cabbage to wearing green, parading around, and drinking green beer, people leap into the spirit of this beloved Saint’s special day.

Not wanting to be left out….so did we!!

Ireland has a large Catholic base, and Irish Catholics observe March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, as a holy day of obligation. And then they may go and celebrate with mugs of Irish ale or Irish comfort food.

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He took a knee

at St. Patrick’s, you see,

to ask thee:

“Will you marry me?”

And with or without water…

She will forever now be


to just he.

image image image image

hugs n’ blessings to our darling daughter

official feyonce‘ (Can she get a Halo!)