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morning, noon & night!

Tom’s vacation is winding down.

As a result we woke up and JUMPED right into the day!

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wherever there is love…

Wherever there is love there is no fear at all.

It’s another Wednesday for Saint Maria Faustina KoWalska (why else,) with a brief reflection…

“Great love can change small things into great ones,

and it is only love which lends value to our actions.”

(303) St. Faustina KoWalska’s Diary







“Where’d everyone go???”

Image 6-21-16 at 2.59 PM

You are near,

even if we don’t see you.

You are with us,

even if you’re far away.

You’re in our hearts,

in our thoughts, 

in our life,

even if we cannot be together.

Because under God’s blue sky

we’ll always be united, 

but a momentary heart-flight away,

one from the other.

Image 6-13-16 at 7.34 PM

And though the miles may be many

we are (always) just a short prayer away,

just a little shared giggle away,

just a sunrise seen “where-ever,”

under the same big sky together! 

Baby,  the sun will always rise…

no matter how long the night.

Who are you missing under the big blue sky today?

hugs n’ blessings to everyone whose distance apart is shortened by love!!

Music by JJ Heller




“If you lose your way…and your heart is torn…May my love sing loud…louder than any thunderstorm. Sometimes it feels like forever, when it’s dark outside.  Baby, the sun will rise. Baby, the sun will rise. However long the night.  And when you feel afraid.  And you see shadows on the wall.  Wherever there is love, there is no fear at all.”   -JJ Heller