two spoons and a dish

it’s the monday giggles…..

hugs n’ blessings for a heap of sprinkles!

and extra hugs n’ blessings to those who share the sprinkles with us!

in Heaven there is no glitter??

Dancing through my head…

“I’m not so much concerned about what is NOT in Heaven, than in what IS.”  The Dawn

(And oh how I hope-ity-hope, with a heaping sprinkle of prayer, to find WE are HIS glitter there!)


“It is much better to not fit in on this earth and fit in when we get to Heaven.

Than to fit in with everything on this earth and get to Heaven

to find out that is not where you belong.”

Jamie Grace

holding these heavenly hugs n’ blessings to be sprinkled out for you!

Music by:  Jamie Grace with Toby Mac