drowsy driving

it’s the monday giggles….

General Driving Safety – Drowsy Driving

When you are tired, you react slower, your judgment and your vision are impaired and you have problems understanding and remembering things.

If you are tired enough, you will fall asleep and never even know it. Sleeping behind the wheel for even a few seconds is enough to harm you or someone else. Teens who sleep less than eight hours a night are at increased risk for vehicle crashes. The best thing to do if you begin to feel tired while driving is to stop driving.

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something’s brewing…

it’s the monday giggles…

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As another day draws to an end:

Dear Brain,

Please (shut up,) be quiet.

The same for all those other people with you!

(And,) thank you!

Just peace (and a giggle,) remain.

(Because God’s got the night shift anyway!)

these hugs n’ blessings are for wherever the road takes you!

(be certain & pack a smile for the ride!)

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