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I passed a car on the interstate sportin’ a California license-plate.

Actually, they passed by ME speedily, which is probably what drew my attention to their plate.

What the fritoes!

Traveling along the Northwestern Pennsylvania highway a CA plate is not a common site in our neck of the woods!

After my initial shout-out I paused, offering a prayer for the occupants inside the blurr now long ahead of me, that they be protected given the speed they were currently traveling.


Personal note: You never know what someone else may be going through, which is why we should be mindful to pass around the fritoes, sparingly!

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I am a Pennsylvanian.

I am a Roman Catholic.

I am a member of one of the 6 Dioceses’ named in the recently released grand-jury report.


And every time I am with the reality of evil which lies within this report, both my prayer and my God take me to one thing… Continue reading “agony”

Falling for it.

“What do you think?”

Loaded question on a 3hugs&blessings Thursday!


Especially today because it’s a beautiful fall day in Erie, Pa.

And fall here is stunning!

Beautiful fall foliage by a white burch tree.
Beautiful fall foliage by a white birch tree.

The trees surrounding our Bay Area & local State Park, Presque Isle rarely disappoint!

Presquie Isle State Park Erie, Pa

Presque Isle Erie, Pa
Presque Isle Erie, Pa

The Light House Presque Isle State Park Erie, Pa
The Light House on Presque Isle.

Not to mention the grape vineyards in nearby North East, Pa, our local apple orchards, & Paschke’s Mum Farm!



But it’s our blessings that really outshine even this!

So for today I shall rake through all the ones I’ve been given and squeeze an extra hug into these 3!

  1. Morning walks (with Helen) to Mass at the the Carmelite Monastery.
  2. My friend Tom calling to share the exciting parts of his day with me.
  3. Fall means cider season & Fuhrman’s Cider made in Erie, Pa is officially being pressed!!

Fuhrmans Cider! Fresh pressed in Erie, Pa
Fuhrmans Cider! Fresh pressed in Erie, Pa

Yummy in my rumblin’ tummy!

“Rumble. Rumble.”

These hugs n’ 3 blessings are for you, as I’m praying you’ll count your blessings too!!

“I love Autumn, the one Season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.” ~Lee Maynard